Sunday, December 30, 2012

Update To My Top 5 Podcasts

Since it's been so long since I blogged, I decided to re-read all my posts.  Some need some edits, I HATE misspellings, and some need updates.  I thought the easiest way to start would be to update my favorite podcasts since they have changed in the last year.

1.  Stuff You Should Know ~ Still in my top 5.  

2.  Thrilling Adventure Hour ~ This is an old time radio soap opera show.  They have several different shows, but the one I listen to most is Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars.  They have base characters that are on every episode, some famous (Joshua Malina and Busy Phillips), but they also have cameos that sometimes recur.  This particular show has Nathan Fillion as a recurring character, but has also had Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin.  I've listened to a few of their other offerings, mainly the ones Levi has been on, and they're all entertaining.  The only problem is I listen before going to sleep so I miss out on quite a bit.  I need to start listening in the car.

3.  Good Job, Brain! ~ Trivia.  I'm not sure I need to say more for anyone that knows me, but if you don't, I love trivia.  I used to play every Saturday.  The show starts out with a Trivial Pursuit card, then launches into each of the hosts sharing trivia on a specific subject.  Every five shows it's all trivia.

4.  Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me ~ same as before.  

5.  NPR Columns: Sunday Puzzle Podcast ~ Will Shortz is the crossword puzzle editor for The New York Times.  At the end of each Puzzle Podcast he gives a riddle that listeners have to solve.  One random listener is chosen and is called for the next week's podcast.  Will then quizzes them on random word puzzles.  It's a short podcast, but fun to listen to and try to solve before the listeners do, although I've never attempted to solve the weekly puzzle. 

That's my update!  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Long Time No Blog

Yeah, I know.  No excuses to make.

So, some has changed since I last blogged.  Sam started his new school and is really happy there.  The transition was easy and he is doing well, for the most part.  In talking to his teachers he has plenty of friends and one said that it doesn't even seem like he didn't go to school with some of the kids all along.  That makes me feel good.

Not a lot has changed physically with me, but mentally a lot has.  I'm happy.  I still struggle with being mad and having a hard time with that, but removing the old relationship from the picture I'm pretty darn happy.  I'm back to *me* again finally, and I really have to credit my job with that for the most part.*

Coinciding with the break up was me REALLY not liking my job.  I've worked for this company for eight or nine years, but the position I was in made me feel like, well, an idiot and I didn't know what I was doing.  Not always knowing what I'm doing is pretty truthful, but I damn well am not an idiot, and I really didn't like feeling that way.  So when a new position opened up I jumped on it.  I wasn't the ideal candidate and hiring me put a spin on things, but I was hired for the job.  I moved from back in my tiny cubicle where I was completely in my head the whole time to the front desk where I saw people all day, I started doing more things that I liked, and was able to break out of my self-imposed shell.  I really am an introvert in a lot of things, but dang I liked being out front, the first person anyone talked to when they walked in, and the person who got to take care of different things at work.

Things changed just a couple of months into that, and I moved back to a cubicle again.  But, a bigger one, and with another different part of the job.  Because I was already out of my head I'm still okay.  The only thing I REALLY miss about being out front is flirting with the cute Fed Ex guy who comes in everyday, but I do try to make sure I wander through the lobby when he normally shows up.  :-)  He does have a girlfriend, but that's okay, I think I probably scare him anyway!

Things changed again this month and I got a kind of promotion.  I know, yay me!  It hasn't technically started yet, but it should soon.  I'm very proud of myself that my boss and big boss wanted me in this position, but I'm quite nervous, too.  It's a LOT of responsibility and a lot of juggling.  I do know how to juggle, so hopefully that helps.

So, all in all not a very exciting update, but an update nonetheless.  Hopefully I'll add more again soon.

*Ack!  Totally forgot to add I reconnected with my best friend from college!  That helped, too.  I didn't realize how much I missed him until we started texting again.  Too bad he's married and all the way on the other side of the country.  :-(  Wait, the "too bad he's married" part came out wrong.  I'm very happy for him that he's married!  Too bad for me!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Starting A New School

Sam starts school Thursday.  Yes, it's really early!  He did get out the third week of May, so he has had about nine weeks of summer.  He is moving from private Catholic school to public school for middle school.  I really wasn't allowed to talk about it with him last year because he was pretty upset about it, especially the closer to the end of the school year it got. 

He's switching because regardless of where he goes to elementarty school he was going to go to the public school for high school.  I just felt that it would be easier for an 11 year old to switch and be the new kid than a 14 year old switching into high school and being the new kid.

We went last week to get his schedule, locker, gym uniform, and pictures.  When they took his picture they asked who his second period teacher was.  I looked at the schedule.  Uh, Sam had no classes before lunch at 11:30, then math, choir, and gym / health.  He was beyond thrilled!  I on the other hand, not so much.  After a little confusion as to where to go and how long it would take to get fixed, we walked away with a revised schedule, complete with all the required classes.  When I told him he'd have to repeat sixth grade the way his schedule stood, he was okay with making the correction.

Now that we've gotten further away from his old school, Sam actually is excited about the new school.  He will know some kids because of all the years he's played football, he just doesn't know if they're in any of his classes yet. 

I, on the other hand, am nervous.  I didn't know a whole lot of parents at the other school, and at this one I know none.  Part of my changing myself is to put myself out there and meet other parents.  We'll see how that goes. 

A New Job

I start a new job on Monday.  It's the same company, just different position.

I lost my job last September and had a hard time finding a new one because of the screwy hours I have the boy child.  An agent at the office I've worked at twice before offered me a job.  I'm forever grateful for that because I needed the money.  It just hasn't been the best fit for me. 

I'm moving to the receptionist position, and I'm very excited.  I'll still be working an hour or so a day for the agent, but the rest of the time working for and with people who know me much better, and I know much better.  Over the last four months it's become painfully obvious that I have changes to make in my life.  I know this change will be one for the better in helping me move forward and become the person I should have been all along.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

If I Had Three Wishes...

I just read a thread about this on a message board. When I read the title, all three wishes jumped immediately to mind (although the third I did alter a little).

When I started reading the responses I realized the majority of them were:

World Peace
Cure for cancer
No child being hungry

mixed in with:

A cure for my husband's cancer
That my disabled child would be well again
That my horrible illness would be cured

and a few:

That my kids go to college without putting us in debt
Financial freedom
A new car

That made me look at my own answers and realize how selfish they sounded.

Right now I'm at the lowest point I've ever been in my life, lower even than three months ago when the man I still want to spend the rest of my life with told me, "I want you to move out" and I agreed it was the best idea. And all the reasons I'm here are completely my fault. I'm selfish, and I've been told that by many people, which completely explains my wishes.

But it got me thinking. If I were happy, would my choices really be different? If I was still in a relationship, if I were financially stable, would my answers change? I'd like to say yes, but I know myself well enough that I know the answer is no.

And really, for the world peace people, if it was just them and the Genie on a deserted beach and no one would know the wiser, would they still pick world peace, or a retirement fund? I know I'm a cynic, but I don't think in real life people are as altruistic as they are on a message board. So really, I don't feel that bad about my wishes.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Sam has an interest in things military.  We've been to the Indiana War Memorial before, but he has been asking to go again so when I told him it was D-Day he said that was a perfect time to go back.  I agreed.  Little did I know how long of a day it would be!

We drove downtown and parked at the mall, thinking it would be the cheapest place (we ended up staying several hours longer than I anticipated so it was NOT cheap).  We made a side trip through the Chase Tower to get money and visit my sister, Mary Ann, then headed to the Memorial.  I was surprised there were no events or special exhibits due to it being D-Day.  It's not a very big museum, but it is very nice.  The best part is that it runs through all the wars Indiana has been involved in in chronological order.  Did you know the very last soldier killed in the Civil War and the very first soldier killed in World War I were both Indiana soldiers?  Now you do.  :-)  There is a database that lists all Veterans from Indiana as well, and Sam noticed his grandpa on his dad's side was not listed.  He filled out the form to get him added to the database and was very proud of himself for it. 

We were going to head back towards the Monument until I pointed out the large glass monstrosity that is now the downtown library.  I think glass buildings have their place, but tacked on to the back of the beautiful building that it was just looks odd, kind of like the spaceship that landed in the middle of Soldier Field (check it out, you'll agree with me).  We went inside and oh my gosh, it's HUGE!  I'm not sure I would ever be able to find anything in there if I really needed to.  The nice thing is the kid's area is really big and has a lot of things to do.  Sam's favorite part was the green screen room where you could pretend to fly a kite, jump hurdles, throw a football, all kinds of things.  We wandered around for a while before deciding we were starving and headed back out.

Originally we were going to go back to the mall food court, but then I pointed out Scotty's and we went there instead.  The food is always good, I love the hand dryer in the bathroom!  But, the service was pretty lacking, and apparently not just ours.  The people in the next booth complained several times.

After lunch we headed to the South Bend Chocolate Co. for an ice cream cone, then off to the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.  We were going to go to the Observation Deck.  You have two options, walk up 33 flights of stairs, or pay $3 total and ride the elevator.  Considering we had already been walking for three hours, I popped for the elevator.  Have I mentioned yet that I'm a bit afraid of heights?  It didn't hit me until we were already in line waiting for the elevator.  Lucky for me, Sam pointed out when we got in that two sides of the elevator are glass so you can see the wall and the rapidly disappearing floor!  We spent the whole ride up with me saying, "Stand still, don't move, stop talking to me" over and over again.  We still had three flights of stairs to walk up from the elevator, but those weren't open to the inside so I was okay.  It really was a pretty cool view, I took a few pictures (click on My Instagram Photos at the top right of the blog page for one).  The ride down was much easier than the ride up.

The Monument also has the Colonel Eli Lilly Civil War Museum.  It's very small, but worth it to walk through at least one time.

We came home, I napped, and decided to close out D-Day by lighting off fireworks left over from two years ago.  Sam was shocked when I let him light them off himself.  In hindsight, maybe not my brightest idea, but no one was harmed and we were able to find all but one that we lit off, so I call it a win.  The whole day was a win, we had a great time together.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Carrie and Rob Adopt

Almost twenty years ago I attended IU. Through my roommate freshman year I met a girl who would become a roommate the next year, Carrie. She was studying to become a teacher and always had a huge heart. Different things happened over the next two years and I didn't end up staying at IU and we drifted apart. Through the wonderful world of Facebook I found Carrie again and have been watching as she and her husband, Rob, have been going through the beginning process of adoption. They have created a Facebook page, contacted an agency, written their letter to birth parents, and anything else that is needed for the process. I have watched as they have posted asking for our best childhood memories, how we celebrate holidays, what our favorite thing to do with our child is, and on and on, just trying to be ready when that miraculous time comes. I have not met Rob, but I do know Carrie, and I know what a wonderful mother she will be once given that chance. If you are in the northwest Indiana / Chicago area, please keep them in mind if you know of anyone that might be making the choice of adoption for their child.

Below is their "About Me" from their Facebook page.

Carrie and Rob adopt

Welcome to our page! We are Rob and Carrie from Hobart, Indiana. We are excited to start our family through open adoption. If you are thinking about placing your child, please view our information and if what you see matches your vision for your child, please contact us! We are excited to get to know you!

Phone: 800-621-0943
Independent Adoption Center: 800-877-6736

We have been married for nearly 10 years and both teach at the same high school. We live in Hobart, Indiana, a quaint town with a beautiful lakefront, great schools, and plenty of parks and trails nearby. Our neighborhood is family-friendly and hosts annual summer picnics, Easter egg hunts, and more. Our community is located near an apple orchard, waterpark, Lake Michigan beaches, and museums and arts in nearby Chicago. Our families live close by and we enjoy spending time with them celebrating birthdays, holidays, hiking with the dogs, or having cookouts together. We share our home with three adorable labradors: Hayley, Huck, and Henley.

Carrie is an English teacher whose interests include: photography, writing, reading, gardening, and party/event planning. Her greatest joy in life comes from helping others through community service. As a parent, she can't wait to read bedtime stories, plan birthdays and classroom parties, and experience the everday joys of being a parent.

Three characteristics that describe Carrie: Caring, Kind, and Creative.

Rob is a social studies teacher and football coach whose interests include: sports (Especially the Chicago Bears), home improvement, coaching, and comedy. In the role of a parent, he is excited to coach sports, build playsets and tree houses, and see life through the eyes of a child.

Three characteristics that describe Rob: Smart, Loyal, and Funny.

We promise to love our child unconditionally as we support and nurture their development and interests as we guide them to pursue their dreams. We can't wait to become parents and look forward to helping our child become a caring, well-adjusted, responsible, and happy individual. We welcome you to become a part of our family as we help our child understand how they became a special part of our lives.